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Welcome to Top-Proxies a free proxy list populated by our community of internet users looking to remain anonymous on the web. Below you will find a list of proxy sites submitted by the public that allow you to bypass your current internet providers or network administrators restrictions.

This means you can unblock websites such as YouTube, Facebook & Popular game websites such as MiniClip.Our ultimate goal is to keep a constant flow of working proxies for our users to use. We verify and perform many tests upon them to verify their anonymity speed and location. We place the most reliable proxy sites in our Featured Section if you want to list your own proxy site there please click here.

Alternatively you can submit your proxy site to our Free Proxy List here

Proxy URL Hits Age Status
http://unblockyoutubeatschool.com25862 monthsOnline
http://hiding.rocks26951 monthOnline
http://www.prx.im17881 monthOnline
http://unblockyoutubefree.net25692 monthsOnline
http://unblockmyweb.com41002 monthsOnline
http://www.youfreeproxytube.com27362 monthsOnline
http://youtubefreeproxy.net24152 monthsOnline
http://www.muscleproxy.com26612 monthsOnline
http://viewyoutube.net26562 monthsOnline
http://instantunblock.com2795 daysOnline
http://webproxyfree.net39012 monthsOnline
https://justproxy.ca155678 monthsOnline
http://proxy.porn31641 monthOnline
http://www.4everproxy.com36902 monthsOnline
http://greatestfreeproxy.com33782 monthsOnline weeksOnline
http://websiteproxy.org21911 monthOnline
http://www.freeopenproxy.com60493 monthsOnline monthsOnline
http://youtubeunblockproxy.com24712 monthsOnline

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Proxy URL Proxy Info Proxy Type Total Hits Listing Age infoGlype Proxy810 hours infoGlype Proxy510 hours
http://stoonet.mamore infoOther Proxies331 day
http://fastproxy.memore infoGlype Proxy301 day infoGlype Proxy251 day
http://proxyuse.gqmore infoGlype Proxy232 days
http://proxyuse.gamore infoGlype Proxy182 days
http://proxyuse.cfmore infoGlype Proxy122 days
http://mehwer.commore infoGlype Proxy603 days
http://unblock-youtube.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies383 days
http://pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies223 days
http://free-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies213 days
http://pr0xy-server.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies153 days
http://unblock-pr0xy1.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies113 days
http://vpn.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies183 days
http://vtunnel.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies163 days
http://ninja-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies153 days
http://pr0xy-list.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies123 days
http://free-vpn.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies133 days
http://unblock-youtube-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies103 days
http://school-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://pr0xy-free.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://video-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies103 days
http://pr0xy-youtube.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://web-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://china-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies103 days
http://free-pr0xy-list.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://speed-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies113 days
http://ninjapr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies103 days
http://kpr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies113 days
http://pr0xy-web.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies73 days
http://free-web-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://unblock-sites.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://free-pr0xy-server.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://hide-my-ip.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies103 days
http://pr0xy-for-youtube.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://unblock-websites.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies73 days
http://pr0xy-site.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://webpr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies103 days
http://cool-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://hide-ip.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://freepr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://pr0xy-online.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://pr0xy-server-list.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://pr0xy-browser.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies83 days
http://vpn-service.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://pr0xy-websites.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies73 days
http://free-pr0xy-sites.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://online-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies93 days
http://best-pr0xy.pr0xyhost.infomore infoOther Proxies143 days

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