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Unblock French Websites With A Free Proxy Server

If you're a French citizen travelling abroad you may find that some of the sites you use every day are not available outside of France. Some sites including catch-up television and video-on-demand websites operate geo-restrictions which stop users outside of the country from accessing their services. This can be very frustrating if these are sites that you use regualrly or rely on for work, communication etc.

In order to unblock these sites you'll need to appear acquire a French IP address. You can do this in one of two ways, either by using a proxy website such as those listed below, or by utilising a VPN (virtual private network).

We suggest in the first instance you try using a proxy site as this is quick, easy and free. We have a slection of French free proxy sites listed below. The ones in the 'featured' section tend to be our most reliable options but feel free to try any of the listings which you think will meet your needs.

If you find that the sites you're trying to access prove to be particualrly hard we recommend you try a VPN as this has a greater chance of success (albeit that the process is a little more complex). There are many VPN service that offer free trials or basic free services. We tend to recommend Total VPN as they offer a completly free entry-level service but you can also find lots of other options on Google.

Good luck and happy browsing!

Featured France Proxies

Proxy URLCountryTotal HitsListing AgeLast CheckedStatusSpeedMore Info 103292 years25/06/2019 10:30 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 137353 years25/06/2019 10:30 PMOnlineVery FastDetails

All France Proxies

Proxy URLCountryTotal HitsListing Agelast CheckedStatusMore Info 46210 months24/06/2019 05:25 PMOnlineDetails 5411 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 7401 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 6251 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 5891 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 5921 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 5451 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 5751 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMOnlineDetails 5841 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails 5351 year24/06/2019 05:00 PMofflineDetails

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