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Unblock UK websites and video content with a UK-based proxy server

The UK produces some of the best video and TV content in the world but, if you’re away from home, or you happen to live outside of the UK, you may find that a lot of this content is blocked where you are. Content owners and distributors often use IP-based geo-restrictions to block users from other countries from viewing their online content. This can be for a variety of reasons – it could be to save on bandwidth or it could be a question of licensing. Some content is only licensed for distribution in certain countries, possibly because other media companies own the rights to display it elsewhere.

Unblocking UK television from abroad

If you are looking to unblock television sites such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 (formerly 4OD), Demand 5 etc or major media platforms such as and you will need access to an English IP address that these websites perceive to be local to the United Kingdom. You can do this either by using a free UK proxy server like the ones listed below, or by using a VPN.

The UK proxies list below is intended for unblocking sites based in Great Britain (although they will quite often work for other similar countries too). If you want to access content from other countries please check out or full list of countries here.

It is worth mentioning that, due to the volume of traffic some webproxies receive, some are significantly faster than others and this can vary depending on time of day etc. If you’re looking to watch video content it may well be worth checking out a few of the free proxies below to see which one is fastest.

Hopefully you’ll find that one of the options below will help you access all the sites that you want, but if not you might want to consider trying a free VPN like the one offered by Total VPN. As VPNs tend to have fewer active users online consecutively, download speeds can be very fast, and access to UK content can be less 'hit-and-miss' as their servers are optimised for streaming.

Tip: These sites should work with all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. If you experience any problems viewing videos it might be worth trying an alternate browser to see if this improves stability.

And finally, please note, due to a recent change in the law you now need a UK TV license to watch catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer as it is funded by license-payers rather than advertising like most other channels. If you are travelling abroad and hold a UK license you should be absolutely fine to access BBC programmes from abroad. If you're not a UK license-payer however you may be in breach of UK law if you access this content from outside of the UK.

Featured United Kingdom Proxies

Proxy URLCountryTotal HitsListing AgeLast CheckedStatusSpeedMore Info 185563 years31/03/2020 06:30 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 195663 years31/03/2020 06:30 PMOnlineSlowDetails

All United Kingdom Proxies

Proxy URLCountryTotal HitsListing Agelast CheckedStatusMore Info 1975 months30/03/2020 09:00 PMOnlineDetails 7771 year30/03/2020 08:25 PMOnlineDetails 5451 year30/03/2020 08:00 PMofflineDetails 4382 years30/03/2020 06:51 PMofflineDetails 4282 years30/03/2020 06:51 PMofflineDetails 3722 years30/03/2020 06:51 PMofflineDetails 4542 years30/03/2020 06:51 PMofflineDetails 7042 years30/03/2020 06:25 PMOnlineDetails 5642 years30/03/2020 06:25 PMofflineDetails 5602 years30/03/2020 06:00 PMofflineDetails

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