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Unblocking USA sites with a proxy server

Are you looking for a USA proxy to unblock websites from the United States such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail and YouTube? If so, you need a list of proxy servers that are ideally physically based in the US in order to unblock these sites. Try out some of the American proxy servers listed below and these should be able to help you access all of these sites and more. Our 'Featured' proxies are listed at the top and these are our most trusted and reliable webproxies. In the event that these don't prove effective there is a list of all our other American proxies underneath. 

Why are these sites blocked?

Websites may be blocked either by your ISP, your government or possibly the location you happen to be in ie a school, university, hotel etc. Alternatively the website in question may have blocked visitors from your country from accessing their site. Some USA sites block visitors from some Eastern European countries as they tend to be associated with high levels of online fraud and computer hacking.

Unblocking content not available in your country

Maybe you’re a Netflix user and you want to access the larger catalogue of titles available of the American version of the site rather than the local one? Or possibly you’ve gone to YouTube only to find that the video you want is ‘This video is not available in your country. The reason for this is that these huge media companies negotiate the rights to certain content on a country-by-country basis and your country currently isn’t licensed to view it. Ordinarily these restrictions are fairly simple to get around by using the appropriate country-based proxy. You can see our full list of countries here.

If the proxies listed below prove insufficient you may need to try a free VPN as the additional level of security may make a difference. At the time of writing Netflix has stated that they are attempting to block the use of VPNs by their users as a reuslt of pressure from rights owners. It remains to be seen how effective this will prove to be.

Featured United States Proxies

Proxy URLCountryTotal HitsListing AgeLast CheckedStatusSpeedMore Info 11241 month23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 20082 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineFastDetails 19532 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 29234 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery SlowDetails 38135 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMoffline-Details 41525 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 49647 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 54227 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMoffline-Details 62467 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 57158 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMoffline-Details 11830710 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 12078010 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMoffline-Details 11898610 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineSlowDetails 11824210 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 11858710 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 12011110 months23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 11463310 months20/11/2016 04:25 PMoffline-Details 1188631 year23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineFastDetails 187421 year23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails 1201441 year23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineFastDetails 1202781 year23/01/2017 10:45 PMOnlineVery FastDetails

All United States Proxies

Proxy URLCountryTotal HitsListing Agelast CheckedStatusMore Info 181 day01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 504 days01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 415 days01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 931 week01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 591 week01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 1132 weeks01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 1002 weeks01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 722 weeks01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 752 weeks01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails 1883 weeks01/01/1970 01:00 AMOnlineDetails

Not found what you’re looking for? You can see a list of all the countries in which we have active proxies here

Most Popular Countries

FlagCountry CodeCountry NameNo. of proxies
USUnited States275
UKUnited Kingdom34