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How To Unblock YouTube Using A Proxy

Is YouTube blocked where you’re located? This is true of many countries in the world as many governments, ISPs and institutions choose to block Youtube for a variety of reasons. Governments often don’t want their citizens to be able to access the free and uncensored (sometimes political) information that provides. Employers and institutions such as schools and colleges, don’t want their students or employees wasting time watching funny videos of cats when they should be working.

In addition to this, YouTube itself blocks some countries from watching certain videos. You will most likely see the error message “this video is not available in your country”. This is normally a result of licensing agreements which have been struck with copyright owners ie the video is only available to viewers in the certain countries such as USA or UK.

Step-by-Step Instructions

So what do you do if this affects you? The solution is actually really pretty simple. You can either use a VPN (which normally come with a monthly fee attached) or, if you’re looking for a free option (and who isn’t?) you can use any of a variety of proxy solutions. We recommend trying a web proxy first as this is, by far, the simplest to use. All you need to do is

Below is a list of proxy sites specially configured to unblock YouTube.

Happy viewing!

Featured YouTube Proxies

Proxy URL Total HitsListing Age
http://viewyoutube.net1143413 years
http://youtubeunblockproxy.com1141393 years
http://unblockyoutubefree.net1140523 years
http://youtubefreeproxy.net1140343 years
http://unblockyoutubeatschool.com1140493 years
http://freeyoutube.net1140813 years
http://viewyoutube.net1139923 years
http://freeyoutube.net1140153 years
http://viewyoutube.net1139943 years
http://unblockyoutubeatschool.com1216402 years
http://unblockyoutubefree.net1139803 years
http://youtubefreeproxy.net1210501 year
http://youtubeunblockproxy.com1139803 years
http://Youtube-unlock.com1140353 years
http://unblock-youtube.pk1139962 years
http://youtubeunblockproxy.com1209641 year
http://viewyoutube.net216722 years
http://unblockyoutubefree.net1215581 year

All YouTube USA Proxy Sites

Proxy URLTotal HitsListing Age
http://youtubewebproxy.com1992 years
http://youtubeproxy001.blogspot.com1822 years
http://unblock-youtube.org1782 years
http://youtubeunblocker.xyz1892 years
http://youtubeunblocked.xyz1992 years
http://youtube-proxy.xyz2102 years
http://youtubeproxy.win1261 year
http://unblockyoutube.online1891 year
http://youtube-proxy.top1521 year
http://myyoutubeadvocategroup.info1381 year
http://youtubeunblocks.com3194 months